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Transportation and storage of chemicals can be risky

Choose reliable gauging and metering solutions to ensure safety

The Chemical industry faces many challenges not only in processing hazardous materials but also during transport and storage of the same. To avoid hazards and reduce safety risks during this process is one of your main tasks. It is also important for you to keep track of how much material you have on site and how much storage space you have available.

Protection throughout the entire loop

Inventory control, loading/unloading in tank terminals, depots and transport vehicles need to be of latest design. In order to ensure that you remain protected, the entire safety loop system including measuring, controlling and correcting elements should come from one source. We deliver advanced instrumentation, services and solutions for:

  • Terminal automation

  • Custody transfer loading/unloading

  • Complete metering solutions

  • Overfill prevention

  • Project management

  • Calibration services

Safe and transparent gauging and metering

  • We deliver reliable process measurements such as level and flow for your successful terminal control from high accuracy Tank Gauging through to transfer of highly viscous products

  • To support you in overcoming challenges like productivity, safety and environmental issues as well as getting real time information of your tank farm, Tankvision our inventory management solutions enhances productivity and safety of your interim storage to meet your requirements

Chemicals, helping us all to live in prosperity

As agro chemicals help to provide enough food to feed the global population, advanced building materials help to provide safe and comfortable homes. Wherever you look, you find products from the chemical industry. The industry provides essential building blocks to conserve resources and ensure wealth and comfort. But, the risks inherent in the industry must be understood and mitigated to ensure safe and clean processes.


  • We help you to choose reliable solutions to ensure safety for transportation & storage for chemicals ©herjua/

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