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Outstanding lifetime with automated pH measurement

Automated measurement, cleaning and calibration for a smooth process

In the quenching process, hydrocarbons condense in water that circulates through the quench tower, as Ethylene leaves the tower at the top. The condensed hydrocarbons and water separate in the bottom of the tower. Many of the hydrocarbons in the bottom have similar densities as water. This can lead to emulsion forming in the bottom. Together with the quench water, hydrocarbons can circulate back into the tower. This leads to greater fouling, reduced heat transfer and increased downtime.

Automated measurement intervals prevents downtime

pH measurement of the contaminated quench water on regular intervals can go a long way in helping you prevent fouling in the bottom of the tower. This requires the cleaning of the sensor at least every other day, which causes a lot of effort in terms of time and people. If you do not follow these cleaning intervals, the sensor needs to be replaced after two weeks time.

Our automated system Topcal CPC310 extends the lifetime of your sensor by more than 30 times.

pH measurement with automated cleaning system: Topcal CPC310

  • Time saving thanks to in-process cleaning and calibration, with no electrode removal necessary

  • Efficiency thanks to self-diagnostic systems like sensor conditioning checks

  • Safety for people and the process with automated cleaning and longer lifetime of the sensor – no handling of contaminated water needed

  • Designed according to international safety standards (e.g. ATEX, FM, CSA)

  • pH measurement: our automated system Topcal extends  lifetime of your sensor by more than 30 times ©Endress+Hauser

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