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Utilize phase separation sensors to accurately control CIP

Inline instrumentation helps improve plant uptime while reducing water usage and waste water load

Measuring phase separation in the CIP return line by the means of manual switch-over or time control requires substantial amounts of time and effort which runs the risk of sizable losses due to required safety margins. Better determine the transition point of wash and rinse cycles with transition sensors installed inline. Automated and on-the-spot changeover signals give your operators maximum flexibility when setting up CIP cycles, thus eliminating costly guesswork and reducing time and effort.

Efficient phase separation

Know exactly what is in the line and remove the guesswork. Transition sensors determine when one phase of an automatic CIP cycle ends and the next should begin. In dairy processes, optical-based sensors are fast responding and quickly detect when pre-rinsing has become ineffective and the wash cycle should be started.


  • Reduced rinse water

  • Time savings

  • Less chemical usage

  • Faster response time

  • Reduced labor and maintenance

  • Reduced downtime

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