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Alternatives to existing flow meter technologies

The value of modern 2-wire technology for MRO

Existing flow meter technologies such as positive displacement (PD), turbine, variable area (VA or Rotameter) and differential pressure (DP) - once the best-fit or only solution for some applications - are no longer the only choice. Today, modern flow technologies such as vortex, ultrasonic and Coriolis offer a much more reliable alternative.

Flow measurement, a key component

When a plant's process needs improvement, at times replacing an existing flow technology with a more accurate and reliable flow technology can be one of the key components. Scheduled or unscheduled process downtime is essential when a flow meter requires maintenance, calibration or needs replacement.

But it has a cost!

Consider a process with liquid flow velocity of 2.0 m/s in a standard DN50/2 line, giving a flow rate of around 15’500 l per hour. If the product has a value to its manufacturer of 0.25 € (35¢)/l, then the loss in revenue could be 3’900 € (5'400 USD)/hour the process is stopped. Beyond this, there is the cost of maintaining, calibrating, repairing or replacing the meter itself, and possibly environmental cost implications for safe disposal of hazardous product released from the process line.

Modernize your plant

Successful outcomes of MRO:

  • Intrinsic safety with ultrasonic and Coriolis technology

  • Cost savings in respect of cabling work

  • Superior performance of the ultrasonic in comparison to mechanical meters in tank farms or in fuel oil monitoring applications traceability, and calibrated accuracy of better than 0.5% rate

  • For even better flow control, the Coriolis is able to measure direct mass flow (no volume correction needed in respect of temperature)

Dynamic custody transfer - measuring points

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