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Reliable clinker measurement on the cooler grate

Micropilot: the heart of integrated clinker production control

The Micropilot FMR57 level radar device is engineered to measure accurately in extreme environments and even in extremely high temperatures inside the cement clinker cooler. The innovative FMR57 is engineered to withstand extreme process temperatures.

Preferred instrumentation

  • Micropilot FMR57 level radar with 100mm (4 inch) signal boosting horn antenna

Valuable setup options

  • Advanced diagnostics and condition monitoring function

  • FHX50 remote mount electronics, programming and display option

  • Bright display can be mounted in a safe and visible location

  • Wireless power and data transmission options on request

Benefits of the measuring point

  • Air addition and grate speed control coordinated with millimeter precision

  • Also used as a part of the clinker cooler and kiln’s safety shut down system

  • SIL 3 as independently assessed by TÜV Rhineland as per IEC 61508

  • Easy integration into the control system

  • Fieldbus and wireless options

Producing the best clinker quality

A Micropilot FMR57 level radar is installed above each moving street of the clinker cooler grate in the kiln hood. The radar device feeds back the level and volume of the clinker on the moving grate and the cooling air, and grate speed is adjusted to optimize the clinker’s quality to the specified recipe.

  • Micropilot installed above the clinker cooler in the cement production process. ©Endress+Hauser

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