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A retrofit that saves money

Wireless oil temperature monitoring at bearings optimizes plant availability

Roll neck bearings are used in the rolling stand and are located on the operating side of the upper and lower back-up rolls - known as Morgoil® friction bearings. An oil circuit ensures the bearings get the lubrication they need. An increase in the temperature differential indicates a higher degree of friction within which may result in damage. However, the ambient conditions which prevail at the rolling stand make it difficult to wire up the necessary temperature sensors securely.

Predictive maintenance results in cost saving

This solution ensures that, with little effort in installation and commissioning, any impending damage to the friction bearings is detected by measuring the lubricant temperature. Maintenance intervention is initiated in a predictive manner. This type of friction bearing, including its installation and removal as well as the production downtime, is very costly.

Value for you

  • One supplier for initial measurement and project design

  • One supplier for commissioning and training

  • Wireless solution offers cost savings due to predictive maintenance

Benefits of the measuring points

  • Robust TR15 resistance thermometers with a weld-in thermowell and replaceable insert, having proven their worth a thousand times over in challenging industrial applications

  • Each temperature sensor is fitted with an adapter which powers the connected device via the integrated battery and enables data transmission based on the WirelessHART standard

  • The graphic data manager Memograph RSG40 memorizes, visualizes, analyzes and communicates the measured temperature values derived from the gateway


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