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Globally there is a strong movement towards sludge treatment in the waste water industry. The main reason is stricter local legislation which forbids sludge discharge into the environment (bodies of water, fields). Therefore, sludge becomes a remarkable cost factor for plant operators. Sludge digestion can offer cost advantages by reducing sludge quantity by around 50% while also providing a valuable energy source – biogas.

Anaerobic bacteria need stable process conditions

In the digester process, the bacteria have to be protected against critical process conditions. This means the process control has to guarantee the following:

  • Constant temperature and nearly neutral pH value

  • Darkness and absence of oxygen

  • Harmonized load of the process

  • Sufficient retention time

  • Monitoring of biogas production

Basic control parameters are inlet flow of the sludge, level, temperature and optionally pH measurement in the digester, and the flow and methane concentration of biogas.

The value for you

  • Outstanding instrumentation offering for digester monitoring and control including foam detection and biogas flow measurement

  • Reliable and fast engineering of all relevant measuring points

  • Local support from our experienced sales and service team

  • High process reliability based on a unique portfolio for wet and dry biogas applications

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