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Knowing it’s safe

Safe access to clean drinking water is still one of the most important issues globally

Increasing population, industrialization and climate change intensifies water scarcity. Water abstraction from wells, springs and rivers has to be controlled to avoid irreversible damage to the local water balance. Furthermore, membrane filtration technologies like the desalination of sea water and the reuse of municipal and industrial wastewater make the use of new water sources possible.

Improve your plant functionality, safety and efficiency

For the potable water processes, a high level of automation is required, and online instrumentation plays an important role. The World Health Organization initiated the implementation of risk management systems and developed water safety plans to reduce the risk of contamination of potable water during abstraction, treatment and distribution. Safety plans mention that documentation management, instrument verification and maintenance strategies support the advanced quality management system.

We optimize your process

  • An extensive portfolio for most measuring tasks in water treatment processes

  • The modular design of Endress+Hauser instrumentation means less complexity in your installed base

  • A complete service offering to efficiently and reliably manage predictive maintenance, training and asset documentation

Our solution for your process

  • Main instrument vendor offering to reduce complexity

  • Ready–to-use panel solution for online analysis tasks

  • Remote control solutions for periphery plant sections

  • Maintenance optimization and support

  • Calibration and verification services

  • Fieldbus engineering competencies and active support of analog and bus technologies

  • Local sales and service support



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