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Accurate polymer dosage for good dewatering results

Flow and density are key parameters needed to achieve optimal results in sludge dewatering

Accurate dosage control is linked to the concentration of suspended solids in sludge and polymer concentration used as sludge conditioner. Your target is to control the dosage pump to achieve a stable and optimal conditioner / suspended solids ratio. Through long dewatering cycles (less process interruptions) good dewatering results and an optimized polymer consumption is achieved.

Preferred instrumentation: polymer conditioning process

  • Promag L 400 in water for diluting the polymer solution

  • Promass 80I in polymer solution to control water dosage

Preferred instrumentation: sludge line

  • Alternative 1: Promag L 400 with Liquiline CM44X, CUS51D

  • Alternative 2: Promass 80I

Benefits of Coriolis mass flow and density measurement

  • Multivariable measurement: mass flow and density precisely control the dilution process

  • Highly accurate measurement, not affected by sludge color

  • Low maintenance and diagnostic capability

  • The Electromagnetic Flow Measuring Principle

  • The Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle

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