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Differential pressure flow
Deltatop DR61S

Restriction orifice for creating a pressure drop upstream of a system

  • Deltatop DR61S - restriction orifice ©Endress+Hauser
  • Measuring principle differential pressure flowmeter

The Deltatop DR61S is part of the universal differential pressure flowmeter systems with primary elements as Venturi tubes, nozzles, orifice plates and Deltabar differential pressure transmitters. Restriction orifices are installed in pipes with the specific aim of reducing pressure or restricting flow. Generally speaking, restriction orifices are very similar to orifice plates but the former do not need an additional transmitter as in the case of flow measurement.


  • Customized or application-specific flowmeter systems based on the differential pressure method for special applications, such as controlled pressure reduction or restriction flow

  • Optimized for wishes pressure loss

  • Single hole, multi holes or multistep design

  • Plate thickness is calculated based on AD 2000

  • Robust design without moving parts

Field of application

Pressure reduction of gases, steam and liquid.

  • Pipe diameters from DN10 (3/8") to DN2000 (80")

  • Medium temperatures: -200 to +1,000°C (-328 to +1,832°F)

  • Pressure up to 420bar (6,300psi)

  • NACE-compliant materials

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