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Fieldgate FXA720
enables remote monitoring

Ethernet/PROFIBUS DP gateway with integrated Web server for communication with PROFIBUS devices

  • Fieldgate FXA720 Ethernet/PROFIBUS gateway for remote monitoring © Endress+Hauser

    Pass-through interface within a PROFIBUS monitoring and control system. Plant access point for device diagnostics and maintenance

Fieldgate FXA720 is a gateway with integrated Web server for communication with PROFIBUS devices. Within a control system, Fieldgate FXA720 ensures transparent vertical communication by acting as a simple passthrough gateway. A CommDTM allows it to be integrated into a FDT frame application such as FieldCare. For Web applications, the unit contains a Web server that generates HTML pages for viewing in a standard internet Web browser. It also offers XML data for e.g. Office applications.


  • Quick set-up via Web browser, no configuration tool necessary, communication via Internet, worldwide access to sensor data

  • User Management, limits access to authorised persons

  • Integrated Web server, values available to any Web browser

  • Alarming and event messaging, E-mail about device status

  • Data offered in HTML and XML format, seamless data integration into MS Office, P View and FieldCare

  • CommDTM supplied, simple integration into FDT frame applications, e.g. FieldCare

  • Monitoring via OPC, OPC server can be supplied

Field of application

For inventory control, remote monitoring and device diagnosis, the connected devices can be viewed with a Web browser. For web-based applications, the devices to be monitored or configured are connected to the gateway via max. 3 RS-485 ports. For network applications, when used as an Ethernet/PROFIBUS gateway, the gateway will normally provide the connection between host applications running on Ethernet and PROFIBUS devices connected to a PROFIBUS DP/PA network.

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