Measure and optimize utility steam consumption

Improve the efficiency and availability of your heat exchangers

As an energy or utility manager you want to get the most out of the steam you have generated or purchased. But most customers struggle to build an accurate energy balance of their steam system. Steam should ideally reach the heat exchanger as 100% dry saturated steam for optimum heat transfer to your process. But in practice this steam often has varying degrees of wetness leading to inefficient heat transfer, also increasing the risk of water hammer causing damage in the heat exchanger.

How our passion for steam can help you

The boiler house is where you burn the money. Steam consumption is where you waste it! Endress+Hauser is your reliable partner when it comes to accurately measuring steam consumption and determining the most relevant KPIs helping you to boost efficiency. The foundation is correct measurement. Only we can provide you with correct measurements of steam, compensated inline by the dryness fraction, using 2-wire technology, permitting the correct mass and energy balance of your steam system.

  • Ensure steam reaches your process at optimum conditions – as perfectly dry saturated steam

  • Gain optimum transparency with our comprehensive range of measurement instrumentation and monitoring solutions for safe, available and efficient steam

  • Our solutions, e.g. instruments with Heartbeat Technology with diagnostics, verification and monitoring functions, help you to comply with ISO 50001 (energy management) and ISO 140001 (environmental management) standards

  • Direct measurement of wet and dry steam compensated as per international standards IAPWS- IF97/ASME

  • Check and improve efficiency by monitoring the energy passed to the process

Key measuring points in steam consumption

Steam consumption process map with a shell and tube heat exchanger ©Endress+Hauser
Steam consumption process map with a plate heat exchanger ©Endress+Hauser

How we provide transparency and maximize steam efficiency

Installed Prowirl F200 flowmeter helping to measure steam consumption

Gain transparency about your steam consumption

Steam should be perfectly dry and saturated at the point of end-use to make sure energy is passed on to the process at optimum efficiency. Our comprehensive steam measurement offering – including mass and energy compensated by the dryness fraction – helps you determine how close you are to saturation on the Mollier chart. We offer the most accurate all-in-one, two-wire solution for measuring steam available, allowing correct energy or mass balancing.

  • 90% dry steam will result in an additional measuring error of 5% in volume and mass when using traditional dp or vortex meters for measuring steam flow

  • 90% dry steam means you have 10% condensate, meaning 10% less energy available to heat your process

  • Reading in the condensate temperature in indirect heating applications helps you determine how much energy has been passed on to the process

Endress+Hauser technician checking an installed Prowirl F200 flowmeter

Field measurement technology for all process variables

Endress+Hauser offers a comprehensive portfolio of measurement instrumentation for all steam process variables, including flow, pressure, temperature, analysis, level, recording...

  • Know if your steam is 100% dry or how wet it is: the multivariable vortex flowmeter Prowirl F 200 detects wet steam and measures the dryness fraction with a calculation of steam mass and energy

  • Check if steam is supplied at the correct pressure with sensors like the Cerabar M PMP51

  • Check that steam is supplied at the correct temperature with our robust Pt100 resistance line of weld-in Omnigrad thermometers (TR15 and TH15)

  • Know if you can reuse the condensate and reduce your cost of chemicals: determine condensate quality with our Turbimax family of turbidity sensors, or with conductivity sensors

Picture of a broken plate heat exchanger

Protect your heat exchanger and your product

Breakthroughs of heat exchangers (e.g. plate heat exchangers) can result in product loss because of direct contact between steam and the product. They are also a potential safety hazard. Checking the turbidity of condensate using our Turbimax product family helps determine if the heat transfer surfaces are broken.

  • Increase availability and minimize lost production: immediately find out when a problem occurs

  • Checking the dryness fraction of steam at the heat exchanger inlet reduces the risk of water hammer that could lead to damage or destruction of the unit

Endress+Hauser employee checking consumption and energy performance on a Memograph M data manager

How efficient is your heat exchanger?

To check the efficiency of your heat exchanger, you can compare the energy passed on to the process with the energy the product has gained. If this efficiency drifts over time, it may indicate the need to clean the heat exchanger. Build-up of degenerated product can reduce heat transfer efficiency, as can the build-up of magnetite or other materials on the steam side; just a few microns can cost you thousands of dollars!

  • Real-time monitoring and visualization of consumption and energy performance is possible using an energy and application data manager like the Memograph M

  • Checking and visualizing efficiency over time helps you identify the need for cleaning to reduce cost, increase efficiency and availability

The Energy Measurement Proving Service checks and confirms the accuracy of your measurements

Energy Measurement Proving Service

How can you be sure the measurements used to determine the efficiency of your steam consumption are reliable? Endress+Hauser offers the Energy Measurement Proving Service to check and confirm the accuracy of these measurements. Our technical experts check all components in the energy measurement loop and give clear recommendations on how to improve measurement accuracy. They perform on-site calibrations and verifications of your field devices with minimum or no interruptions of the process.

  • Proven accuracy of steam measurements and of each energy measurement loop

  • Confidence about the accuracy of information you rely on to optimize your steam consumption

  • Best steam quality ensured to improve efficiency

  • Improve safety with early identification of problems

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A deep understanding of energy and utility management and your daily challenges lies at the heart of our product and service offering for steam. We bring a comprehensive portfolio of accurate and reliable measurement instrumentation for all process variables, together with services and solutions that give you complete transparency and ensure compliance with energy and environmental management standards. Choose Endress+Hauser for safe, available, transparent and efficient steam consumption.

  • 5 to 15%

    typical energy consumption savings from comprehensive energy monitoring solutions

  • 24/7

    operational safety throughout the entire life cycle of the steam system

  • >60

    years of experience in utilities