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E-direct complements our traditional offering by providing you with a quick, effective way to purchase easy-to-configure, entry-level instrumentation.

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Petrochemicals / olefins / ethylene

High accuracy gas analytical solution for process quality improvement and fast ROI in olefin plants

Measuring impurities in C2 streams fraction to prevent C2 splitter contamination and prevent going to flare due to not meeting ethylene product specifications.

Acetylene C2H2 in C2 ethylene

Control of hydrogenation conditions in the acetylene converter. Measuring range starting from 0 to 5 ppmv.

Traditional approach

Speed of response of gas chromatographs (GC) for acetylene is not rapid enough to prevent upset conditions. Potential to contaminate the C2 splitter or process gas which then must be sent to flare with loss of revenue.

Our solution

  • SpectraSensors' TDL analyzers respond to concentration changes in seconds versus minutes, with repeatability comparable to GC

  • Optimization of H2 utilization

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Typical analytes and measuring ranges

  • Analyte: C2H2 - Range: 0-5 to 0-3000 ppmv

  • Analyte: H2O - Range: 0-10 ppmv

  • Analyte: NH3 - Range: 0-5 ppmv

  • Analyte: CO2 - Range: 0-500 ppmv

  • Analyte: H2S - Range: 0-500 ppmv

Unique benefit

  • Continuous, analyte-specific measurement versus batch measurement of multiple components

  • Fewer acetylene conversion unit upsets with less product loss to flare


  • Measuring impurities in C2 streams fraction to prevent C2 splitter contamination

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