Effluent Quality Management System

Complete solutions to measure analytical parameters such as pH, COD, BOD, Ammonia, TSS, Cr & Temp.

Remote Online monitoring enables you to identify unacceptable conditions that may occur immediately. Continuous effluent monitoring ensures that effluent levels in discharged water is within regulatory levels & any problems identified immediately.

Effluent measurement has been crucial

Industries discharge gallons of effluent as hazardous toxic waste, full of color and organic chemicals from dyeing and finishing salts. Presence of sulphur, vat dyes, nitrates, acetic acid, soaps, chromium com- pounds and heavy metals like copper, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel, and cobalt and certain auxiliary chemicals all collectively make the effluent highly toxic.

Endress+Hauser helps it customers to remotely monitor effluents in water from anywhere online and in real time


  • GPRS based solution, no need of laying communication cables.

    Cloud based solution.

    Keeps automatic record of above parameters.

    Alarm history and generate customize reports

    Offered solutions would be as per CPCB guidelines