Complete instrumentation for cosmetics manufacturing process

A full-service provider helps increase efficiency and shorten time-to-market

The demand for cosmetic products is growing thanks to new markets and customer groups. As a result, new players are entering this competitive environment. In this race for market share, time-to-market and flexibility in manufacturing are decisive factors. This calls for modern fully automated processes that take advantage of digital technologies. With Endress+Hauser as a partner with the full range of innovative instrumentation, services and solutions, you gain a head start.

What we can do for you

As a cosmetics and personal care manufacturer, you are concerned not only with product ingredients that meet consumer expectations and safety but are also facing more regulations about the sustainability of your products. In these conditions, you need reliable and smart instruments. With our full portfolio of instrumentation for all cosmetics manufacturing processes, Endress+Hauser can help you save water, energy, raw material and time while ensuring safety and mitigating risk.

  • Accurate and continuous dosing and filling with flowmeters

  • No losses in energy and raw materials through accurate mass and energy balance

  • Inline quality parameters measurement to control viscosity and density

  • Raw material management with reliable level measurement

  • On-site calibration for full compliance and better availability

Find out where we support your manufacturing processes

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Overview of the processes in the cosmetics production

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Measuring points in the storage of bulk liquids

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Measuring points in the storage of bulk powders

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Measuring points in a batch mixer

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Measuring points in an inline mixer

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Measuring points in the filling line

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Measuring points in the water purification process

CIP process, cosmetics manufacturing ©Endress+Hauser

Measuring points in the cleaning in place process


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Manage the stock of your raw materials

Active ingredients in cosmetic manufacturing are high-cost and must be stored and monitored properly. Our technologies help you manage stock inventory and reduce waste. For example, our Liquiphant FTL50 level switch can protect you against overfill and leaks. Different technologies exist to measure stock, such as hydrostatic pressure sensors, radar level and capacitance measurement. Our technologies offer modern and reliable solutions with easy maintenance and real-time monitoring.

cosmetics, body care, mixer, cosmetics manufacturing process

Getting the right mix

Mixing is the most demanding step in process operations and key in determining the quality of the final product. Adding and mixing raw materials accurately, as well as using energy and water efficiently can minimize waste and save money considerably. When handling liquids, you are challenged with oil-based and sticky products with various viscosities and densities. To help ensure the quality of your product in this demanding environment we offer:

  • Reliable and accurate flow measurement with Promass Q even with entrained gas

  • Accurate viscosity measurement with Promass I

  • Safe and smooth processes with Liquiphant and Liquipoint FTW33 for sticky products

  • Minimized energy losses with energy monitoring and management solutions

cosmetics, body care, mixer, cosmetics manufacturing process, dosing, fillling

Accurate and continuous filling and dosing

Our flowmeters bring high accuracy to your batch and filling processes, making sure the exact amount of product is filled every time. Since they have no mechanical parts, high maintenance costs and process interruptions are in the past. In addition, digital communication protocols give you tight control of the whole filling process.

on-site calibration, mobile calibration rig, flow calibration

On-site calibration for efficiency and compliance

With productivity KPIs and time pressure being a daily reality, calibration is best done on site. This helps you reduce shut down periods for maintenance and calibration activities to an absolute minimum. At Endress+Hauser, calibration is one of our core competences. We offer a full portfolio of on-site calibration services to support you in your operations. For example, we can do on-site flow calibration using our mobile rigs that are fully traceable to our accredited calibration facilities.

cosmetics, body care, mixer, cosmetics manufacturing process, filling, dosing

Certified from head to toe

To identify issues that can affect the quality of your cosmetic products, compliance to standards such as ISO 17025 and the FDA Cosmetics GMP is crucial. According to this draft guidance, equipment should be calibrated regularly or checked according to an SOP with results documented, where appropriate. Our products, services and solutions come with all the right certification and documentation for GMP regulated facilities.

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The world of cosmetic products is fast-moving. Endress+Hauser has over 65 years of experience in improving our customers’ processes with our process knowledge and industry expertise. We understand your challenges and are committed to finding the best solution to your application needs, so you can keep cost under control and achieve the fastest time-to-market possible.

  • 100%

    of the parameters of your process covered

  • 100%

    of production compliant to quality standards

  • 10%

    reduction in energy costs within 18 months in industrial facilities achieving ISO 50001 certification